Amazing Realistic Pencil Portrait of Artist Ben Heine and Marta Heine by Olamide Ogunade (OliscoArt)

Portrait of Artist Ben Heine and Marta by Olamide Ogunade (OliscoArt)

Artist Ben Heine and Marta Heine Portrait by Olamide Ogunade (OliscoArt)

Portrait of Artist Ben Heine and Marta Heine by Olamide Ogunade (OliscoArt)

Artist Ben Heine Portrait by Olamide Ogunade (OliscoArt)

Josiah Mukanganiki and Robert Lawley Cyber Criminality on Instagram: ArtsHelpOfficial Big Fraud! Be cautious!

I was recently the victim of a fraud by an Instagram user, the admin of the ArtsHelpOfficial Instagram page (, which was the name of the page when the fraud happened but the page has been renamed several times so the link may not open but it's still there under a different name doing its mafia (the page has had different names such as artshelpingpage, artassist, arts assist, artists page, arts official, arts helps...), the page is a popular art platform featuring art and artists on Instagram. 

Here is the identity of the main persons/admins associated to the artshelpofficial instagram page who illegally stole my money: Robert Lawley (email: and his accomplice Josiah Mukanganiki in Northern Cyprus/TurkeyRobert Lawley has proposed me to buy his page for 3100 USD, once he received my money via his accomplice Josiah Mukanganiki, he gave me the access for about 10 days, then he hacked the page, took it back and renamed it. 

You may ask how this could happen, here is the story: I received an unsolicited message from the admin of ArtsHelpOfficial page on the 18th of December 2017, about 1 month ago, in which he proposed me to buy his page ( I have all the screenshots and evidences). Being an artist myself, I was interested because it is a popular page (at that time it was about 889K followers). So we started negotiating the price first on Instagram, then on Kik, then on Google Hangout (I have copies and screenshots of our discussions and his manipulation)The admin of this page asked me to do the payment by Western Union to a certain Josiah Mukanganiki in Northern Cyprus, which of course I was reluctant to do. I asked many times for payment guarantees, but he somehow manipulated me and had many good reasons and arguments (he said for instance that he was an interior decorator from the United Kingdom who moved to Turkey/Northern Cyprus because of his wife, that there is no Paypal in Northern Cyprus/Turkey, etc...). I eventually made the payment because I really wanted the page. Big Mistake!

Then I got the password and made about 10 art related posts in 1 week. After that week, the page got hacked, I received an email alert saying that a person with the email (clearly a hacker's email, by the way) had reset the password of the page. I couldn't log in to the page anymore. After it got hacked, I noticed the email of the previous owner of the page ( was in the info section of the page so I quickly realized that the guy fooled me, he didn't respect our agreement, he stole the money and hacked the page! 

I was quite upset, so I contacted him asking what happened and asking to be refunded. That's were the story becomes even more crazy... He refused to refund me, he told me that his friends working at Facebook/Instagram in California (named "Michael" with the following number: 0015618995416) could help put my email back to the page as the main owner, of course against a new payment, which of course I was not going to do this time! This was clearly another corruption if it was true. Out of curiosity I called Michael and asked him what happened. The guy confirmed he was working for Facebook and that he could put my name back against payment. 

Of course I thought this was another cyber criminal (or maybe the same guy?!) and I asked him to give me guarantees that he was working at Facebook/Instagram, so he gave me my email, password, all my login and logout precise times, very accurately, I had never shared these info to anyone, so I think the guy is either really working at Facebook/Instagram or is a criminal having access to Instagram system. In both cases, there is a problem! 

Anyway, being sure Michael, Robert Lawley and Josiah Mukanganiki were all involved in this massive cyber fraud, I stopped all contacts with them and started reporting the issue to Facebook/Instagram in Belgium and France with all screenshots and available documents and evidences. They asked me to translate my report from French to English, which I did and it will be sent to Instagram/Facebook services in the US. I'm now waiting for them to investigate and take official actions.  At least I'm sure Josiah Mukanganiki is a real name since it is the person to which I sent the money by Western Union and the person who receives a Western Union payment has to show their ID (I have all the payments evidences). 

I'm publishing this because there might have been many other victims before me and there might be new victims in the future and it will go on and on if no action is taken. Of course I want to either have my money back or at least the page. I already filed a complaint to the police and cyber criminality services in Belgium and other countries against Robert Lawley and Josiah Mukanganiki. I'll also file a complaint at Europol and Interpol services.

Good memories